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Using PPC to aid conversion on targeted shopping campaigns is one of the most effective ways of boosting revenue online.


Our results driven PPC team have over 10 years’ experience managing ecommerce PPC campaigns and we’re passionate about creating optimized, integrated strategies that will turn web traffic into real customers.


A well-targeted and managed campaign can be used to target both a specific customer base or help to promote a certain service or product range. With these campaigns, it’s critical to balance spend, CTR and conversion rates if the best possible ROI is to be achieved.


Combining our expertise, proven strategies and cutting-edge technology, we can help you achieve impressive increases in revenue for the least amount of spend, while our targeted messages and product- specific calls to action are tailored to drive the highest quality leads to your site, with the highest chance of conversion.


You can rest assured that our dedicated PPC managers will work with you to optimize performance through key and proven strategies in order to keep your campaign moving forward.


What is Google Shopping?


Google shopping is now one of the most highly utilised ways of selling products and services online, also known as ecommerce.


Google shopping adverts are placed alongside key search terms, which potential customers may be using in order to find a product or service just like yours.


Advertisements are placed strategically to showcase your product or service along with an image and tailored calls to action, in order to best entice potential new customers.


As a Google Partner, we guarantee to take a strategic approach to your campaign, taking into consideration conversion rates, your budget, the current level of bids and the strategies of your competitors.


Why Google Shopping?


  • It puts your business, products and services in the spotlight
  • Conversion rates are higher due to the pairing of images and relevant information
  • Leads are better qualified due to search targeting
  • There is a lower cost per click helping to make your budget stretch further
  • Delivers improved ROI


Want to talk to us further about what The Audit Lab can do for your business?

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