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In the digital era, businesses are turning to online platforms to get themselves seen, specifically social media. With the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and even newcomers like Tik Tok, companies are cottoning on to the incredible opportunities these social media giants bring. You’d be hard-pressed to see a business who isn’t on one of, or even all, social media platforms. 


What’s more, the data is invaluable like you wouldn’t believe, but it can be confusing and a lot to take in. That’s where we come in. Our Bolton-based paid social agency specialises in managing and delivering exciting, thought-provoking, and lead-generating social media campaigns. Our skilled experts know how to navigate through the innovative social networks to extract and work with data that informs intelligent marketing strategies. 


It’s one of the reasons why we love social media marketing, for their incredible data and tools – we’re a stickler for data, you see. So, how then does a social media strategy work?


Our paid social media services:


Paid social media strategy


We don’t just do the same one-size-fits-all approach as we understand every business that comes to us is unique. What may work for one business, may not work for another. That’s why we spend time really getting to know your brand inside and out to determine where’s best to place messaging, ads and campaigns.


After understanding your brand, the look and feel of your website and social media presence, we get to work on analysing what competitors are doing. This includes the platforms they use, what’s working well and not so well, and how your brand could be tailored to each social platform. 


Once we know where your business will fit, that’s when our creativity keeps on sparking to ensure content and paid social campaigns are well informed and show-stopping, or rather, scroll-stopping. Our aim is to get your products, services and brand noticed and clicked, in front of the right audiences. That’s where targeting comes in. And with all the tools different social media platforms provide, we know just how to work through the data and how to use it to get the most out of social media marketing.


Get on the timelines of the right people. Speak to our friendly team today to see how your business can get the best out of social media.


Paid social media reporting


Once a paid marketing campaign of any kind goes live, in order for it to be working at its optimal level, it needs to be closely monitored. Our team is constantly observing the digital climate as well as user online activity, so we’ve got your back if anything changes that could affect the campaign, and we’re on-hand to tweak accordingly. We can update campaigns in real time and report back the results.


With the incredibly insightful reporting tools that social media platforms give us, we’re able to report quickly and keep you in the loop with how campaigns are going, what’s working well and what changes may need to be made. From demographics and locations to user engagement and conversions, it’s all at our fingertips and ready to be reported, so you are always well informed.


Social media remarketing


Have we mentioned yet how we’re a big fan of data? Another reason why we love social media is because of the remarketing technology it provides. With Facebook for instance, you can use pixels and the business manager tools to create lookalike audiences, as well as use audience profiles from those who have already visited your pages and websites to remarket to. 


You can be granular with the data and targeting, in getting right down to users’ behaviours, interests, even understanding what kinds of clubs they’re a part of, or if they’re a parent, for example.


Building an audience profile, and retargeting those who have already shown an interest in your brand or website, means you can get more chances of users converting, just by reminding them of what they’ve already been interested in. 


Looking for an experienced paid social agency?


Whatever your brand or offering, social media can work wonders for your business, and we know just how to drive a successful paid social strategy. With cross-departmental strategies and a data-driven approach, we ensure campaigns are working as efficiently as possible. From content that impresses to skilful data analysis, our paid social marketing services can help your brand reach its right audience.


Get in touch with our social media team today to see how your social media strategy can be expertly enhanced.

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