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Whilst we may live in a digital world, there are still tried-and-tested strategies that work brilliantly with certain brands using traditional PR. And we specialise in those, too. 


With the help of a dedicated PR marketing agency like us, we can help you gain enviable brand coverage through traditional and digital means. Whether it’s print – niche publications, magazines, newspapers, and broadcasting – or digital – with link building, press releases, and dedicated outreach – we put your business in shining lights. 


Our PR team works day in, day out to help get you and your products or services noticed through intelligent, creative and on-brand marketing campaigns.


We’re a sticker for data and this runs throughout all our processes and teams, including traditional PR. The unique data insights into your business inform everything we do, from the keywords we target to the products we promote. So no matter what the brand or business that comes knocking at our door, we’re ready to get stuck in and show what we can do, and have done. 


Our PR services:


Not every method of PR will work for every business, and nor would we recommend you try just one! Our PR services target different areas and different audiences, and we’re sure to find one that suits your brand perfectly. 


A traditional or digital PR strategy


Everything starts with an idea. We may be data-driven but we’re also a creative bunch here at The Audit Lab. For every new client, the most creative minds here get in a room together, after doing their own research into the business and the industry, and they brainstorm ideas of all shapes and sizes. We dedicate ourselves to continual ideation sessions to spark creativity to develop the right PR campaigns to suit each brand. From there, we carefully pick the right platforms and channels that campaigns can be delivered on. 


Everything we do is incredibly well thought out; there are no accidents here. From the ideation and the content, to the journalists we contact and the publications we speak to, it’s all part of our bespoke strategic approach. 


Are you thinking about increasing your brand’s awareness and want to know more about how PR could work for you? Get in touch with our friendly creatives today. 


Content creation services


Once an idea is formed, it’s time to bring it to life. That’s where content creation comes in. Whether it’s a press release, a blog post or something more visual like an infographic, content that’s going to gain attention needs to be well-written and evoke an emotion. 


Once we understand who you are, what you do, your tone of voice, the look and feel of your website and what kinds of things you want to talk about, we’re fully invested in tailoring content and campaigns around this. And here is where our creative juices begin to flow. Our PR team and content team continuously band together to deliver for clients with campaigns that are well-thought-out, as well as inventive and in-line with brands’ guidelines and tones of voice. 


That flow of creativity never stops for as long as you’re on board with The Audit Lab. Whatever your service or product offering, we are committed to creating standout content that elevates your brand, inspires, gets heads thinking, or makes people laugh – depending on your brand, of course.


Targeted outreach services


Bespoke is our standard. Whether it’s creating unique content or looking for specific opportunities, every campaign is tailored to your business and your industry. Our targeted outreach service focuses on finding high-quality linking opportunities to increase your backlink profile and traffic flow. We look for high quality news sites and niche industry publications that are highly relevant to you. This works great when hand-in-hand with a PR strategy to streamline campaigns for better SEO and brand coverage. 


For instance, you could start off a targeted outreach campaign to build quality links and have a brand mention in print – like a shoutout in a famous magazine – come out of it, too.


Talk to us today to hear more about targeted outreach strategies and how they can help your brand and website.


Influencer marketing strategy


You’ve probably heard of influencers by now as we live in a world where social media is full of them. Social media has come on leaps and bounds since the early 2000s. Fast forward to today and brands are generating serious conversions from platforms that were once designed for basically a digital diary update.


Now, with the likes of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, it’s hard to find someone who isn’t on at least one of these platforms. And there are even those who make a living off these social media giants with their followers numbering into the millions. 


Our influencer marketing strategy involves working closely with suitably targeted influencers, directing and managing them, and always spotting current trends your brand may be perfect for jumping on. Whether we’re sending them products to review or collaborating with them on a campaign, it’s all done with the end goal of getting more eyes on your brand, and even more likes, followers and leads.


Reactive PR


All while your planned campaigns are going on, there are journalists and writers out there looking for experts in a whole range of industries to comment for their articles. Our team is always monitoring these requests. We carefully gauge the journalistic and digital climate to see how your brand can contribute to it, whether it be with a thoughtful opinion piece or a truly helpful and valuable insight comment.


In this agency, we’re all about trends and being in the know, so we can align our clients’ visions, offerings and messages with matching topics. Whatever is going on – and there’s always something going on – it’s important to have a PR team who can be reactive. Often the best campaigns, or even the ones that go viral, come from those quick reactive PR moments.


Ready to take your PR to the next level?


Whatever your industry, or wherever you’re based, we can make digital PR work for you and your brand. 


Based in Bolton, our innovative PR agency has already worked with a diverse range of amazing businesses across a whole range of sectors. With influencer marketing, targeted outreach and traditional PR, we’re invested in achieving results you can shout about.

Want to know more? Let’s have a chat to see how we can work with your brand.

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