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The phrase ‘Content is King’ isn’t a happy accident. There’s a reason why this branch of digital marketing is compared to a powerful leader, and it’s because those words can truly hold power. They evoke emotions and feelings, and can even bring up memories. Content marketing is all about accessing those emotions in people, and turning that into sales or leads.


Content marketing involves creating suitable content – that isn’t always written! – that is on the mark, in-line with social calendars, and that works hand-in-hand with SEO to help improve rankings. It’s not easy though, and that’s why you need world-class content marketers who know how to write show-stopping content that not only wows, but also has a commercial goal. 


At The Audit Lab, we get to know your brand and tone of voice, and devise a content plan that reflects your insight, products or services, and contributes to an overall digital and data-led strategy. What does that strategy look like?


Content marketing strategy


Working with our SEO team, we do intelligent keyword research to find what competitors are out there, and what content Google is already loving. From there, we can filter through what keywords are relevant to your business. 


Our talented content team then works away on a strategic editorial calendar that focuses on relevant and commercially focused keywords. Along this, we also always keep ahead of the curve by looking out for upcoming trends and high-quality publications that your content could be placed in, which ties into our clever link building service


We are a creative bunch and know just how to write for Google, PR publications and niche industries. We work to get your brand more recognised, and know which eyes to put ‘your’ words in front of. 


Content creation services


Content is creative, at least it should be. Luckily, at The Audit Lab, we’re a team that thrives on this. Our departments join forces continuously to brainstorm fresh ideas for clients. No two businesses are the same, whatever sector they share, and we truly understand this. That’s why we don’t do the one-size-fits-all. 


We get to the heart of your brand, and pair this understanding with data-driven and meticulous strategies to create outstanding content that is always suited to different platforms they’re heading for. Every piece follows a strategy. From linkable assets, infographics, deep-diving guides, quirky pieces to blogs, our in-house content and design teams work tirelessly to create content that impresses and offers industry-leading insights. 


Interested to see what kind of content we could produce for your brand? Get in touch with our friendly team today.


Content promotion


Not only do our writers create incredible content, they work closely with our PR agency to get it placed in front of the right audiences. 


All our campaigns are well-thought-out to match your brand and its offerings to suitable platforms. Every campaign is data-led and fits under an overarching strategy to get your brand increased coverage and links. From national and international news publications to niche industry blogs, we know where to promote content, all with SEO always in mind to improve backlinks and brand visibility. 


Content measurement


Data is what fuels us here at The Audit Lab, and it drives every strategy across all of our departments. Within content marketing, we use insightful tools to monitor and track the progress of content by analysing users’ behaviour, traffic flow and CTRs. 


We continuously measure our content and SEO efforts to see what’s working, what may need a tweak, and how well it’s doing in search engines and publications. 


Being a stickler for data and measuring, we’re always looking out for our content climbing up the ranks on Google and our results speak for themselves with many of our write-ups hitting page one of Google’s SERPs, which is definitely something we’re proud of!


Ready to take your content marketing to the next level?


As an experienced digital marketing agency, we’ve worked with a spectrum of notable brands, covering all kinds of niche fields. From luxury fashion and home security, to office furniture and the travel sector – our writers can cater for all!


Whatever the industry, we can help you add your insight to online platforms or take over your blog to make sure you’re remaining engaging, current and active, as well as constantly working to improve your SEO. 


Get in touch today to see how our content team can help elevate your brand.

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