Digital Marketing Agency, Bolton | The Audit Lab
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An honest and data-driven digital marketing agency in Bolton that you can rely on.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a business that isn’t online these days. The digital era has elevated so many brands. From independent niche retail shops to global manufacturers, businesses are reaping the benefits of what digital marketing can do for them.


Whether it’s social media, reaching the top of Google’s results pages, digital advertising or PR, the potential of digital marketing knows no bounds. 


We live in an age where social media is the new way of communicating, and even acting as brands’ digital brochures. Where Google, SEO and PPC work together to be the new yellow pages, and where PR isn’t just limited to print. It’s all digital, and it’s all exciting. 


With companies going viral from cleverly crafted digital marketing campaigns to businesses generating more conversions than ever before from digital, data-led strategies, the world of digital marketing is open to everyone, every niche, and it really does work. But, only if you know what you’re doing. That’s where we come in. 


How The Audit Lab works


Our data-driven approach and methods of closely examining and incorporating a business’s unique data, means we can produce amazing results for brands from all over the world. 


It’s why we’re The Audit Lab – we LOVE data and we use it wisely. 


We always take the time to get to know a business through and through, understand their ethos, goals and what they want to say. Each and every strategy is then tailored to maximise potential by understanding what routes are best to take for your brand. And we’re with you all the way – monitoring, analysing and reacting to make sure campaigns are performing at their optimum level.


So then, what can we do for you?


Our digital marketing services


There are multiple avenues you can take in digital marketing, and each one is different and can get you different results. But whatever the path, it’s always exciting and worthwhile, as the results can be spectacular.


In digital marketing, there are two main routes, one is paid marketing and the other is organic marketing. 

With a bespoke and data-driven strategy,
what can The Audit Lab do for you?

Paid marketing


It pays to be on top, and this is certainly true for paid marketing. With PPC and paid social campaigns, it’s all about improving your cost per conversion and click-through rates. Capture those leads and get them to convert!

  • PPC

    Right from the get-go, our team will handle your PPC accounts, from budgets and the overall strategy, to the wording and content of ads. We don’t just set an account up and let it run; our PPC team continually audits your account to make sure it’s running efficiently and to decide whether changes need to be made. You’ll always be kept in the loop thanks to our expert team.

  • Paid Social

    Focus on what you do best and let us handle your social media presence. In order for your social media marketing to be as efficient as can be, it needs to be managed properly and that’s where our paid social agency can help. Paid social campaigns need constant monitoring to see what may need tweaking to make sure they are running at their most cost-effective.

  • Display Advertising

    Get yourself seen by your ideal customers in places they are already looking. Our team will work to ensure optimum placement of your business. Stop your target audiences mid-scroll with eye-catching ads that work to convert, and rely on our highly experienced team to optimise and manage all the data for you. Get on with your day-to-day business, and we'll take care of your digital presence.

  • PPC E-Commerce

    Our targeted shopping campaigns based entirely on your unique data can help boost your online traffic and revenue. Whatever your brand, service, or product, our expert team works day in, day out to give you the best ROI with optimised campaigns that drive traffic and conversions for your website. Trust our technical PPC wizards, and see how PPC can skyrocket your business.

  • PPC Lead Generation

    If your goal is to attract more new customers or clients through your website, then PPC Lead Generation can help you get there. Strategies tried and tested to give you the best ROI, our agency has years of experience in getting brands seen for the right keywords for better click-through rates and capturing the best leads for your business.

  • Remarketing

    Give people another chance of discovering your amazing brand thanks to remarketing. With incredibly insightful data, our experts can retarget customers who have already shown interest in your products or services. Our team analyses the data and uses it to create engaging campaigns that stop users, the right ones, in their tracks, helping them to convert.

  • PPC Management

    Our team will handle everything to do with PPC for your company. From the budget and ongoing strategy to the wording of your ads, our expert agency will take care of it all, so you can get on with your day-to-day business. You can rely on us to optimise, analyse, and report all with a commercial and conversion goal in mind.

Organic marketing


Where paid marketing is a short-term strategy, organic marketing is the long-term that works in the background, and the results can be invaluable for your business. If you can get to the top organically, you show more trustworthiness, as well as being able to increase your conversion rate and brand visibility tenfold.

  • SEO

    We’ve been in the SEO game a long time and our results speak for themselves. Our SEO agency understands Google. So this means you can trust us with your SEO. After understanding your brand, your aims and objectives, we devise a tailored strategy that works for you to get you to the top organically, and to improve leads.

  • Digital PR

    Get seen by the right people, in the right place, and at the right time. We’ll work to place you in online publications in a way that also benefits your SEO. With highly targeted campaigns and publication lists, we give your brand the best chance of gaining those winning backlinks. Improve your brand visibility and SEO with data-led strategies.

  • Content Marketing

    When it comes to organic marketing, content is king, and our team certainly knows this. Whether it’s a blog post, in-depth guide, infographic or industry-leading comment, we know how to make you look good, and where to place your content. Working hand-in-hand with SEO, we know how to link and what keywords to use to suit different businesses and sectors.

Ready to kick your digital marketing up a notch?


Here at The Audit Lab, we thrive on data and this carries through all our departments to make sure all strategies perform at their best. We have tried-and-tested approaches that are carefully designed that can work for a range of businesses. Whatever your industry, whatever your voice, we listen and we respond with well-developed strategies that are data-driven.


Speak to us today to see what path is right for your brand.