The PPC team just keeps growing, say hello to Helen! | The Audit Lab
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The PPC team just keeps growing, say hello to Helen!

The PPC team just keeps growing, say hello to Helen!

New clients means new hires! And here at The Audit Lab, businesses are coming to us in droves to trust us to take over their PPC; that’s why it’s our biggest team, and it just keeps on growing. We say hello to our latest PPC Manager, Helen Crompton, by firing over a fun Q&A we do for all our new starters to get to know a little more about them.

Let’s take a peep into the mind of our new PPC team member.

First (and honest) impressions of The Audit Lab and everyone in it? 

Fresh and exciting with a good mix of people.

Describe the Audit Lab in three words

Weird, loud, and fun!

What did you do previously? 

I worked for another digital marketing agency in its PPC department.

Thoughts on agency life so far?

Working with so many different clients and topics, the days are never the same. It’s really fun to get stuck into each brand’s accounts to get those campaigns fine-tuned.

So, what exactly do you do here? 

My job is to set up PPC accounts on Bing and Google for clients, then manage and continually optimise them to make sure campaigns are delivering first-class results.

What motivates you in your work? 

As cliched as it sounds, it’s all about delivering good results and conversions for the great businesses we have on board. Knowing that you’ve been a direct part of that is really rewarding.

What’s the best part of your working day? 

Getting to that sweet bowl. That, and getting those uplifting reports in for clients.

What are you looking forward to at The Audit Lab? 

Getting stuck in and brainstorming more ideas in our PPC huddles.

What did you want to be when you were growing up? 

A Landlady.

What’s your favourite animal? 

I think sharks are brilliant.

Tell us something we don’t know about you… 

I got accepted into art college when I was 12!

What’s your brew order? 

I don’t drink brews! But, I’m a big fan of pop to keep me energised.

You’re having a dinner party with any three people from history, dead or alive, who do you invite? 

It may sound cheesy, but I’m happy with my family!

You’re going to a deserted island, what three things do you take with you? 

Clothes, phone, and a Pornstar Martini – why not.

What’s your guilty pleasure? 

Oreo ice cream straight out of the tub with a spoon!

We hope you settle in nicely, Helen! We know you’ll make a brilliant asset to the PPC team here. To keep up to date with all that our teams get up to, follow us on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

And, if you’d like to learn more about how our PPC team works, simply get in touch here, and our friendly team will get back to you as soon as they can!

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